Have you heard about the “people of the forest”? Do you wish to encounter with the people of the forest? Here is a chance to visit and interact with them. Plan a Uganda safari or safari Uganda to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park? When you meet them, you will clearly see that they have forest characters. Visiting them requires you to use the Batwa cultural trail in Mgahinga National Park. As part of your adventure, you will be able to experience the ancient ways of these Batwa people who once lived within the forest and also explore their ancient cultures. The Batwa were the original inhabitants of the forests before Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Uganda and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda  were gazetted into National Parks in 1991. The dense forests on the foothills of Virunga Volcanoes used to be their comfortable homes where they lived as hunter-gatherers and fierce warriors depending on the forest for shelter, herbal medicine and food.

During this Uganda adventure tour, the Batwa demonstrate their unique cultural heritage through various Uganda cultural safari activities and discussions, such as hunting and bamboo cup demonstrations. Medicinal plants (their usage is pointed out as well). Guests are also taken to visit the sacred Ngarama Cave, once home to the Batwa King, where the women of the community perform a sorrowful song which echoes eerily around the depths of the dark cave, and leaves guests with a moving sense of the richness of this fading culture.

Highlights of the Batwa Trail

The Batwa Trail leads from the base of Muhuvura Cave. The walk is a living museum where you can learn about the Batwa People. In creating the Mgahinga National Park, these people were forced out of the park and rehabilitated in the villages that surround the park to conserve the wildlife in theses park especially the endangered mountain gorillas that are available for Uganda gorilla trekking safaris or Uganda gorilla safaris.

During the eviction, these people were not evicted and were forced into dropping their nomadic and bushmen lifestyle. Today these are some of the poorest Ugandans, many of them earning a living from working on local farms of other people. The Batwa Trail was developed to teach visitors about the lifestyle of these people and so you will learn about how these people survived in the forest.

How is the walk conducted along the Batwa trail?

This walk is conducted by Batwa guides who provide insights into their traditional forest life and culture. The Batwa demonstrate their past hunting techniques; ways of gathering honey. The guides will point out the medicinal plants that were used and demonstrate how to make bamboo cups. The women of the community perform a cultural dance and you can participate in their dance.