Tourist Activities


Gorilla Tracking

With a diverse collection of activities that visitors can get involved in, gorilla tracking comes out to be the best leading activity at Mgahinga Gorilla national park and almost 75% of Mgahinga's visitors come to view the precious primates. With Country Uganda being left with an estimate of 400 mountain gorillas, the Smallest Mgahinga park becomes one of the two blessed places where a visitor is have high chances to view the endangered mountain Gorilla species more


Golden Monkey Tracking

Hike through stunning bamboo forests to see this attractive and endangered primate. The golden monkey track is a gentle steep but an interesting two-hour trek through former farmland to the forest full of bamboos. On bright daylight, visitors are likely to view the Virunga Volcano range and come across buffalo and duiker more


Mountain/ Volcano Climbing

A tough day’s hike will take you to the peaks of Muhavura; Gahinga or Sabinyo .All three volcanoes in this park can be climbed. Mountain Sabinyo which is, 3,669m high can take roughly eight hours to cover a distance of 14km trip, following a steep ridge up to the peak. more


Bird watching

Trek to the Rugezi Swamp, the bamboo forest or the Sanbinyo George for the best bird watching opportunities. The three to four hour Gorge Trail between Gahinga and Sabinyo can provide a spectacular sightings of the Bronze Sunbird ,Dusky turtle Dove, Olive Thrush ,Cape Robin-chat, Kivu-ground Thrush, , Rwenzori Batis, Brown-crowned Tchagra, Regal Sunbird, Blue-headed Sunbird, Black-headed Waxbill and Streaky Seedeater more


Cultural Encounters in Mgahinga Gorilla (Batwa Forest Trial)

For generations, Mgahinga’s dense forests were home to the indigenous Batwa: hunter-gatherers and fierce warriors who depended on the forest for shelter, food and medicine and the interesting Batwa Forest Trial is unique cultural trail which is led by Batwa guides, and visitors will learn about day-to-day life as a hunter-gatherer in the forest more


Cave Exploration

The Garama cave is 342 meters long and 14 meters deep several years ago, this cave was inhabited by the pygmy Batwa people whose warriors attacked their neighboring communities, but in the present-day it is inhabited by bats. The distance from the park headquarters to this cave entrance, is approximately 3km, and the guide will give history to visitors how these Batwa survived and even made attacks basing from this more


Hiking and Nature Walks in Mgahinga Gorilla

Sabinyo Gorge – a massive gash in the flank of Mount Sabinyo – provides good birding opportunities and the chance to find the Rwenzori Turaco. This walk takes four hours, and passes through the Rugezi Swamp which is fantastic for bird more


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