Africa Safari Tours

Africa Safari Tours mark the remarkable holiday travel to the ancient lands of Africa whose beauty and fame have made them a darling to the explorers and educationists.

Africa is one the vast continents and very diverse with the potential to mesmerize both ancient and contemporary travelers. From the vast Sahara desert in North Africa fed by the world’s longest River Nile to the dense Equatorial Jungle of Congo only second to Amazon in the world, and from the towering Mountain landscapes of Kilimanjaro, Kenya, Rwenzori, Atlas and Drakensburg to the Vast Oceans of Atlantic and Indian along with the interior Lake Victoria, Africa is geologically diverse and amazing!

The ancient earth processes resulted into the formation of very amazing features including the Great East African Rift Valley, the Ngorongoro Crater, the still active and violent Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira Volcanoes among others.

The early man is noted to have originated from Africa as evidenced by the fossil discovery at Olduvai Gorge in Northern Tanzania and this makes the continent very significant to human evolution.  The Africa Safari tours have the capacity to enable you explore all these wonders.

The extensive savannah plains in the East and southern Africa support myriad of wild game including the Big Five of African Wild game, the millions of Wildebeest in Kenya and Tanzania, hundreds of thousands of Zebras, Thompson Gazelles and a range of others.


Africa is incredibly unique and her tropical moist forests support Great Ape Species not existing in other parts of the world like the critically endangered Mountain Gorillas. Other Great Primates include; the Eastern and Western lowland Gorillas, the Chimpanzees, the Black and White Colobus and many more.

Therefore, Africa Safari tours can feature gorilla trekking safaris and tours, Wildlife safaris, Chimpanzee trekking safaris, culture and heritage tours and the recreational vacation holidays to the Island and Coastal destinations.

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